Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm back...with a new addition to our family!!!

Well it seems like forever since i've blogged but since i'm officially off for a year and out of touch with everyone and have so many questions and concerns...I figured this was a good way to communicate with everyone.

For those of you who don't know...we recently had a baby. Lucas Christopher Samms born June 1, 9 pds 9 oz...what a cutie hey? For those I didn't have him naturally. :)

The last 3 pics were taken by my good friend Myrna. They are amazing.

Since June my life has changed so much, i've cried more tears and smiled more then my previous 30 yrs all put together. I can't even begin to describe how I feel. It's just amazing. Every day I see changes in him...he smiles, laughs, coo's, sucks his thumb, looks at me with the most adorable look on his face. He's just precious. I'm already dreading having to leave him after my year is up. :(

I went into labour around 12:30 sunday morning (June 1st), went to the hospital here in NP and then they sent me along to CB because YUP I was indeed in labour. So we came back home to get Laverne (Chris's mom) and Michelle (good friend of ours) since they were going to be there with us for the delivery...and off we go to CB. After 20 hrs. of pain the baby just doesn't want to come down so off for a section I go, much to my dismay. But even with everything I went through I wouldn't take it back for a minute. We were in the hospital for 5 days and finally let out on the following Friday.The first night we got home I thought we were gonna crack up, I think with the lack of sleep at the hospital and the stress of having a newborn who was constantly crying even after being fed, changed & finally took it's toll. So at 2:30 I gave in and called my sister Tracey. She immediately took charge and ordered us to bed. She stayed with us the second night too.

Thank you so much sis, I don't know what we would of done without you.

So it has now been 8 weeks since we had Lucas and although I still feel like i'm cracking up some's getting alot easier. I'm still yet to figure out what the "cries" mean, how to get him to sleep better at night, what i'm eating that's making him so gassy, and whether to do housework or nap while he's napping. Anyone have answers to those questions...feel free to give me some advice. Well gotta run, i'll try and keep posting.

:) Jen

Monday, July 16, 2007

Me & Shelby

Our future home - Part 2

The footings...lots of hard work from the guys...but thankfully this part is is the walls and basement...I

Another Beautiful Day at the Beach

Christmas in JULY!!

Friday night the pipe connecting to the dishwasher burst at mom's and dad's house and what a mess. Water was everywhere, even soaked downstairs in the closet where mom stores all her Christmas decorations. So everyone started to unpack everything to let it dry out. My neice Sarah decided to put the snowman outside to air out. And of course our family being so devilish and all....we couldn't resist plugging it in and blowing it up to surprise mom and dad when they got home. They are easily embarrassed by those things. We had a few good laughs and some strange looks...but it was all worth it in the end. Took some video clips but don't know if I can post them on the blog...not sure how.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The big 28!!!

Here are some pics from my birthday feast. It was such a good day. There was 13 of us in all (mom, dad, me, Chris, Charlene, Dylan, Tracey, Gordon, Sarah, Shelby, bro Chris, Savannah & Stephy, and later for the's friend Blair). We had way way way too much food as usual, awesome fireworks (sorry no pics of those yet), and a visit from Gilbert the moose (named by Sarah and Shelby). We played croquet, v-ball, had supper and a bonfire followed by fireworks. Won't top that b-day anymore. :)

Western Brook

Here's the famous Western Brook beach I often talk about. We decided to go there the morning of my birthday. It was absolutely beautiful there, water still cold but the sand was so hot it was burning my feet. I wanted to get married there but am considering just getting pictures done there if we get married in NL. Too inconvenient for the guests. It's one of my favorite spots back home. Visited it every summer while away from home. Plan to visit all the time now. :)